We are what we were

We are what we were:

The memory of our fathers that transcends time.

Manual labor and material culture are tangible and so the narrative becomes object.

Craftsmen express themselves through the intelligence of their hands as in a suspended state of physical and mental unicum where body becomes mind and mind body.

We had the impression that as a word Craftsmanship had become obsolete almost intimidating; to use the word craft sounded old and dusty.

So craftsmanship must be presented in a more dynamic and vibrant manner so that people can feel at ease in using it.

People are reaching out to crafts and arts and are looking for something emotionally moving approaching the effect of absolute art. Crafts as in design as in art.

The legacy of great tradition whilst open to creativity and innovation are the points around which we build the excellence of #incredibleitaliancraftsmanship for tailor made projects

Female craftsmanship empowers women and I can find no better representation of this then the works of the Artist Clara Gerasio - In women’s hands - United Nations – Ginevra 2013

Now that we are  opening up I look forward to visiting many craftsmen and artists at work in their studios; so stay posted, I look forward to sharing these incredible experiences with you

#incredibleitaliancraftsmanship, #claragerasio #empoweringwomen,

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