Odart is a nature-centered company and at the same time dedicated to artistic design.

This is the result of our being profoundly committed to integrating nature into our everyday lives; it is through our extensive research in particular in Italy ( but not only)  that we uncover the excellence of the different applied arts working through the natural materials of each particular territory; respecting not only the planet but also the cultural heritage and the people. It is through this uniqueness that OdArt can emphasis its distinctive added value.

Artistic talent, natural raw material, and genius loci are the cornerstones for proposals of Odart. To preserve and develop those ancient crafts the artists focus on QUALITY  and ATTENTION TO DETAIL, combined with innovation and creativity resulting in a unique identity of the final TAILOR-MADE solutions for Luxury furniture and bespoke interiors


"The fascination of handmade objects stems from the fact that they have passed through the hands of someone who has left a mark with his work, it is the fascination for that which has been created and as such is unique, from the moment that the "moment" of creation is unique and not repeatable. " Jean Baudrillard's book, "The System of Objects" 1968